🖤A stubborn hearts’ guide to Outlove (exceed in loving)💟

🖤A stubborn hearts’ guide to Outlove (exceed in loving)💟

Every happiness lies in little things done,
Done without intentions, yet outdone!!

Like tight hugs that surprise you from behind,
An expression of love that stays undefined.

Like moments spent gazing at your precious one,
Thinking to yourself that my love has only just begun.

Like hands that intertwine unintended,
And suddenly your hearts’ demons go home offended.

Like kisses that have the power to heal your soul,
That patch up your wounds and fill your hearts’ hole.

Like the playfullness of an innocent child,
But also making you do things so wild!

These feelings that get barred by human egos,
Or something so powerful that nobody knows?!

So shatter your ego, let love be selfless,
Cause it’s one thing I know, to not be a mess.

Trying to out-love each other only brings you closer,
Treating them worthy of your love, will not depict you a poser.

Every kiss of yours will plant a seed of self-love in them,
Making their love even more stronger and proud of what it became!

That is the love that shines through their eye,
Your mere presence would make stars shine through the sky!

Some loving words that you’d utter from your mouth,
Could counter their depressed heart of self-doubt!!

You don’t understand you’re the one killing their heart,
Depriving it of love, which is essential to not fall apart.

Your love is the glue that’s holding them together,
That’s keeping them firm and battle hurdles altogether.

And don’t blame them for loving you too much,
Love is all they have as such.

You are the one that knows them inside out,
YOU would they come running to, when their demons shout too loud!

So hear them when they’re quiet and listen to their ache.
You are THAT Will, THAT reason their heart wants to wake,

“To wake up in the morning, because they have arms that hold them with joy and eyes that see them with love,
Isn’t love truly the most easy yet complicated lesson sent from heaven above?”

Kainat Panjwani


🌔 Eclipse 🌑

Don’t be the sun, dazzling so bright that you can’t help but squint, why not lighten up the darkest nights? Why not be the moon to people’s lives?

Burning to flames so dire, what else could you expect from a ball of fire? But then it sets to let the moon rise, letting darkness overpower it’s secret compromise.

That’s love when it knows it’s causing pain, gently patting the moon to come over again.

Sun and Moon – the most complicated relationships, coming together and causing an eclipse! “Let’s dim the light, it’s our night,” says the Sun. Then says the Moon, “You’re my only one.” 

Raining thoughts on a night of light ⚡🌃

The way you smell
I can only tell,
how wonderful it is
to feel your bliss

Over my face, touching my skin,
making my heart wander and spin,
With thoughts of you inside my head,
and words penned down while on my bed.

Every drop of you has the sense of love,
like a blessing of God sent from above,
like the universe working in synchrony,
like my heart and soul functioning in harmony.

Making me question of your sudden flow,
When I needed someone and was feeling low,
You’re not human so how do you know?
There really is an Almighty executing this show!

The writer, the director whatever you call,
There really is someone who will never let you fall.
And if he does, it’s just to pick you up,
Giving you strength to make you stand up.
Teaching you through his unknowing ways,
Never letting you forget all the hardest days.

Yes I know you can’t see him, but have you tried to feel?
When nature holds you in its winds or When your mom makes your favourite meal?
When thunder encourages you by cheering with the loudest noise,
Or sensing the calmness when there’s absolutely no voice?

It is a paradox how sometimes you like the thunder and sometimes you prefer just rain,
Sometimes you feel the happiest even while experiencing pain.

Some things will always remain a mystery,
To keep our minds working so they never are free,
of thoughts or confusions or our wildest dreams,
Never being able to figure out why everything is not as it seems.

Maybe not today but tomorrow we’ll know,
Why they say you reap as you sow,
Why everything about Nature is always in flow,
About times you can’t help but feel too low,
About people wanting to leave that you can’t let go.

So stop stressing over things you can’t control,
Close your eyes and ask your soul,
Cause one universe is right there and one is right here,
One is within everyone, there’s nothing to fear.

Making humans hold a Multiverse within,
still making errors and committing sins.
So cut all the happiness you get from someone’s doom,
because only one universe can help another bloom.💫db05b1334c6e02710a373d926c141840

It’s a catastrophic battle, the one you fight with yourself.

It’s a catastrophic battle, the one you fight with yourself.

I’m lying on my bed, 

with thoughts running through my head.

Lately I’ve been feeling so low,

maybe cause I’m not seeing myself grow,

or get better at things I already know.
Don’t know why I feel so bad,

maybe cause I’ve never been this mad,

running in circles not getting anywhere,

Not wanting anyone to actually care.
These problems are mine, made up in my head,

making me cry while I lay on my bed,

Tears I’ve either repressed or no one saw me cry,

I’ve hidden them so well that nobody can ask why.
I lift people up but they don’t see me drowning beneath,

They try to suffocate me when I’m helping them breathe.
It’s a twisted world where a good person is labelled as bad,

The one that looks the happiest is the most sad.
That’s the only way to escape these judges,

who think they know your life better than yourself.

you know they won’t understand but you try,

Then they call you weak because you cry.
I’m telling you don’t listen to them,

Tears aren’t weakness, each tear is a gem,

But sometimes you gotta lose it all to begin again,

So cry it off and be happy then.
You’re not weak, you’re as strong as a diamond,

They can’t break you, of strength they’re frightened,

So be your hero, save yourself!

your label of weakness CAN be changed to strength!

You can change it, no one else can,

bringing you down is their plan.
Care for yourself, improve yourself, do everything necessary to pick up yourself!!
Strengthen yourself, live for yourself, but most importantly learn to love yourself!!
There are others out there just like you,

Pick them up, nobody gets them too,

Lifting someone up is what people with strength do.
You my friend define what strong is,

you’ve been through so much, now life is bliss.

Help yourself grow, make the most of what you’ve got,

Love all these lessons that you’ve been taught.
Tomorrow brings a new day, see the sun rise,

Leave back your tears and all your silent cries.
Wake up with a smile and love in your eyes,

Kiss your problems away with tons of goodbyes.❤

Open up your eyes to realize💫

You wait every minute, you wait all day Because you think they’ll stay,

They won’t let you go, that’s what they say!

But the truth is darling, they will let you go,

Their words will be so different from what they show!!

They won’t stop you, they won’t even try

Make yourself understand, don’t deny.

They’re the same with all,

fooling you, trying to make you fall.

They’ll make your eyes cry, heart break, mind scream and shout,

You can’t say a thing even though in your head it’s so loud!

You should’ve never stopped doubting,

You were right, nobody cares, why would they?

They’ll find some other and go away!

There’s nothing left for you, don’t you know?

They don’t care, see what they show,

Open your eyes and let them go,

That way they’ll not have to push you away or make you feel low.

Yes it’s easy for them, troublesome for you

They have time for everyone else even when you need them and are feeling blue.

They’ll be happy, you’ll be sad,

but that’s life, you’re doing it for them, don’t feel so bad.

They left you now, they would never stay,

Wait for someone who will never go away,​

You don’t understand, you’re a Hurricane,
And not everyone can take it that way.❤

You are one of a kind 🌌 

You lost yourself a long time ago,When did that happen, you didn’t know.

You used to be happy, with a colourful soul,

Getting through the day was now your only goal.
You could sense your soul turning dark,

But finding out reasons was no walk in the park.

Quiet you became, unspoken, misunderstood,

You didn’t lose hope, you had to get yourself up, only you could.
People say they care, it’s a trap, they don’t!

But will it help? No it won’t.

Maybe they care, maybe you’re blind,

You don’t know, you can’t read their mind.
You craved to be heard,

But you couldn’t say a word.

It was too late to find yourself back,

in a noisy, loud and chaotic world.
We all hold a universe within, guarded by our soul,

When you don’t care for it, it turns black like charcoal.

Close your eyes and look within,

Don’t you see the stars beneath your skin?
You’re fine now, at least you’ve grown.

Treat every being as your very own.

Scatter joys in the saddest hearts,

so they know they have you when they’re falling apart.
There aren’t many like you,

you know they hide themselves like you do too!

You’ve become too fond of the darkest night,

Now look at the stars that shine so bright!
Realise today, you’re a work in progress,

Even though your life is nothing less than a mess!

Tomorrow is a day you’ll begin again,

make the most of it, don’t just sit back and count to ten!
Let pain accompany your awaited sunrise,

Don’t let your heart decay, only make yourself wise.

What’s in your heart is just enlightening your mind,

Awaken your soul, you are one of a kind ❤ ​

Never change who you are ❤ 

I want to be selfish someday. I won’t reply to any text, I won’t pick up any calls. I will disappear like I was never there whenever I’ll want to. I will leave people hanging, I won’t ask if they are okay. I will cancel plans the last minute, I will bail on my people when they need me. Basically, I will ignore the one that I love, push them away and come back again whenever I feel like.Just like what everyone is doing to me.

But I know myself, deep within I know I would never have the courage to do these things because I know the pain to keep waiting, to be pushed away, only to get yourself walked all over again.💔 ​