Love drips off my heart,
Not a cloud in my view,
I know you now Crystal clear –
like the sky knows the color blue!

But do I really know your being,
As much as I think I do?
The eternal, the Most loving –
too good to be true!

For, I know what I know –
is a blessing from You,
I could want, and want, and want, and want but,
knowing your entirety would still seem like a drop of dew!

Once a love that overflowed,
now seems contained.
The vessel of my heart seems to get bigger and bigger,
My feelings not wanting to be explained!

Oh Dear, sweet love of mine –
fill my heart with your secrets!
Wake me up in the middle of the night,
My sleep itself feels sleepless!

This world or that, does it matter –
to a soul that’s clear?
Physical boundaries can’t hold,
The cosmic overseer!

What holds you is Love,
It’s where you reside,
No boundaries, just love –
that’s how empty hearts are occupied!

What’s my purpose?

What’s my purpose?

A little bird wanders,
In search for the one.
A sky full of challenges,
Wanting to overcome.

First comes the wind,
Carrying it away,
Lured by the beauty,
The bird goes astray!

Then come the clouds,
Covering up the light,
Awestruck by the silver lining,
The bird is in delight!

With no intention to know,
What lies behind,
No willingness to reason,
The bird has lost its mind!

Then comes the rain,
With a scent so sweet,
It’s almost as if the bird has forgotten,
The one it has to meet!

Beauty that deceives
Is in no way luminary,
All that belongs to the earth
Is only but fictitious and temporary.

The bird now realizes
And closes its eyes,
Prays for forgiveness
And the soul cries!

Hinting it’s presence,
The sun peeks out.
The bird still in contemplation,
Is clear of doubt.

Feeling grateful,
And never wanting to sin,
The bird now realises,
The one it looked for, was always within! ✨

The smiling moon🌙

The smiling moon🌙

I’ve always been a fan of dark nights.
Not because the moon looks lonely,
But because I see how similar we are.

A bright light in the times of doom,
Like a smile that lights up the sky.
A smile that’s a smile,
Until you see what’s inside the heart –
A black river that the moon cried
That it masks with the wide smile.

The stars believe it to be true
So do we,
Awestruck by the beauty,
Mesmerised by the luminosity!
Only if we realized that

A mirage looks pretty genuine too!

Three seconds of Reflection❤

Three seconds of Reflection❤

We breathe the same air,
Walk on the same earth
Look at the same stars,
We’re of the same worth.

We watch the same sun,
As it rises and sets
The higher we go,
The harder it gets.

To be humble,
To be kind
To stay grounded,
And to make up our mind

That we’re no better than another!
Just a unique human!
One that craves for love,
And doesn’t like someone who’s cruel!

But sometimes we are what we don’t like,
To someone who we don’t really care about.
What makes us think,
That anger HAS to be taken out?

Why can’t we take it in?
Dissolve it within our heart!
For the heart is supposed to contain all the love,
That fills another with joy, just like a beautiful piece of art?

The next time you’re furious,
And can’t wait to punch that wall,
The next time you’re so mad,
Ready to get into a violent brawl,

Take three seconds to ask yourself,
Will my outburst solve the problem?
Or will it just make things worse?
Will it reflect wisdom?
Or come out as words of curse?

That may haunt you, and the other
For the rest of your life.
That will pierce their soul,
For the tongue is like a knife!!

One kind, spreads love like butter,
Another can chop off your head!
Be wise with the words you choose,
Through them, warmth can be spread!

So empty yourself,
Of the negativity within.

Anything that makes you feel superior,
Will only pull you down.
When you’re so full of yourself,
That weight will make you drown!

Release it all.

So the heart can be filled,
With love, humility and everything nice.
Just as clean water fills only empty vessels,
After all it’s contents are sacrificed.

The power of a Smile

The power of a Smile

The sky turns dark,
As the day comes to an end.
It’s that time of the day
When I have prayers to send.

The end of the day
Has so much to say
That life isn’t forever
And that someday, we all go away.

Someday you’ll be visited
Visited by no one else but death
The one that will literally
Take away your last breath.

When the soul will leave your form
When your body will no longer be warm
When people who know you will be hit by the storm
Maybe a life or two, will be transformed.

But wait

What have you done to deserve that love?
Have you been nice?
Or did you just rant all along?
Were you soft? Or did you shout?
Kindness is what life’s all about.

Take this time to reflect
On someone’s life, what was your effect?
Did you lift a person, or bring them down?
Did you teach them to rise, or let them drown?

A lot of us suffer in silence
Awaiting help unrequested
Why not be that help to someone
Who never reached out, or texted.

Smile at the next person you see
Maybe it’s someone who’s too shy to plea
You may think I sound crazy
But you don’t know if their life is hazy


Smile at someone
Even if it’s someone you don’t know
It takes one, to save one
A single seed is enough
For a plant to grow

Make your life worthwhile
By making another one smile❤

Have you ever wondered?

Have you ever wondered?

Last night
I caught myself looking at you
I wondered how you stayed
So beautiful
Despite all the darkness that surrounded you

I wondered how you gave light
Even when you were by yourself
All alone
Hanging in the empty sky
Dark as the coal

No stars to ask you
If you were alright
Just some passing clouds
That didn’t bother much to stay
Here came the wind
And they passed away

Then I realised
You were looking at me too
At all of us in fact
How some of us try
To spread happiness, while empty inside

Like your light, like our light
That serves no purpose to the self
But to the ones we come across.
While sometimes
We are the passing clouds
Or the wind that takes the clouds away

Not realising that somewhere
The moon still wonders
I’m here to enlighten the others
But where are they when I need them the most?

The Clouds and the Sun

The Clouds and the Sun

Life is cloudy
Life is sunny
Sometimes tragic
Sometimes funny!

What you choose to see
Is what will manifest
If it’s just bad that you envision
Life can never be the best.

But on the contrary
What’s so bad to cling over?
Those material possessions
That won’t even last forever?

Those people who left?
Those tears you shed?
Those mistakes you made?
Those times you lied awake on your bed?

I ask you now
To count how many times you’ve cried
You can’t even give me a number
Because all that just lies on the outside.

I ask you now
How many times you thought you wouldn’t survive it?
But here you are
A fighter, someone who never quit!

Cloudy days are significant too
Because only after you’ve rained it out
You will clearly see
What the situation was all about.

You’ll value the sun
Only after it has rained
You will learn to live better
Only after you’ve been trained.

Enjoy the downfalls
Because you can’t fall any deeper
The only way you can go
Is against gravity, like a creeper.

It’s not that hard
When you trust your creator
The guide who only wants you to get better.
The One, who is the best caretaker❤

Still Healing🕊

A you and a me,
Not so much alike,
But love made us we,
With an oxytocin spike.

You did nice things,
You spoke so well,
We made paper rings,
Love had cast it’s spell.

You fed me attention that I never got,
Made me feel the most special from the lot,
Who knew these were just minutes of happiness,
Soon to turn into hours of sadness?

You loved me for my simplicity,
Then did things you’d have to hide.
Blamed me for your duplicity,
Punched walls, yelled and lied.

Sweet dreams got bitter.
Goodbyes turned bad.
Life that shined like glitter,
Now seemed so sad.

Today I miss you in abundance.
The way you held me in your arms,
As if I’d never experience redundance,
Before I heard your false alarms!

Your lies kept growing like a vine,
And your denials were the black flowers I wore in my hair.
Ignoring every red flag, every sign,
Looking past my heartfelt despair.

A whiff of your scent,
And my eyes get filled to the brim,
Every minute with you I spent,
Flashes before my eyes that are now dim.

You did love, and loved truly,
But maybe your love for it, was more than your love for me.
Stupid me told you it wasn’t your fault,
To save you from the guilt of walking out.

Maybe your honesty was only confined to be proven right,
Even if the things you did were not.
All the fights you wouldn’t ignite,
For the sole reason of getting caught.

Your apologies don’t feel so true,
As if you’ll repeat history as soon as I believe you,
Decorate me with false promises and lies,
Make me fall for you once more before our final goodbyes.

But I’m growing, and growing strong,
When I say this don’t get me wrong,
Like you said your mistakes were destined to be,
I say this ending, you were destined to see.

A heart that loves, grows!

A heart that loves, grows!

You love someone, and someone loves you back,
That span of time when there’s nothing that your heart could lack.
Budding and blooming with joy and warmth,
Then comes a day when everything is transformed!

They break your heart to set themselves free,
Making you feel like a lost fish in the sea..
Billions around but no one like them,
You lock yourself in your heart, thinking you lost a gem!

Can you truly lose what was never yours?
And lock everyone outside your closed doors?
Why don’t you invest your love in yourself?
And make your heart bloom by itself.

Everytime you cry and every second you feel low,
Your heart is a garden that ceases to grow,
Love is its water, and faith is its light.
But love doesn’t need to come from outside!

Look within your beautiful soul,
That loved unconditionally before things got out of control.
Be the kid that ran after butterflies,
The one that once spread happiness through smiles,
The clumsy kid that laughed at everything,
The one who told everyone to live their life as a king!

Why do you not see your worth?
Oh artistic piece of this beautiful Earth!
Shed those thorns built across your heart
Love endlessly and do your part.

Watch your heart blossom with flowers,
Watch life’s love for you through beautiful showers
of a love that comes like the wildest rain,
And all I hope is it never leaves you again!💝🍃